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You’re here because you’re ready to align in something greater!

You know about the law of attraction and you feel SO ready to break your old patterns and habits… it just isn’t happening for you yet, and you’re not sure why?


This is due to subconscious self sabotage. The subconscious' main goal is to keep you SURVIVING, not thriving.

Your subconscious is responsible for 95% of your emotions and actions, so having it in alignment with what you desire is key to manifesting it. 


"Kerry helped me up-level my business and create a thriving practice. The work we did together was magical and powerful! I’m eternally grateful for you." -A.A

Alignment coaching is for you if:

You've been focusing on mind set work- but still aren't seeing the results you desire.


You are stuck in patterns and habits that are sabotaging you.

You are committed to showing up for yourself, receiving support and taking the aligned actions to create your magical future.
You are ready to reprogram your subconscious with beliefs that will have you consistency moving forward. 

Does this resonate? 

If so, you’re in the right place.

Your energy has aligned you to taking this next step for yourself!

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My Process


We start by looking at what you want to create- a loving partnership, freedom with food and your body, advances in your career or business... 


Then we energetically clear any resistance or stuck energy that’s holding you back. Next we uncover the core beliefs that have been keeping you in a self sabotage cycle and we move into aligning your subconscious thoughts with supportive beliefs using a powerful reprogramming method. Then you choose actions you'll take consistently, as I hold you accountable so that you create the momentum necessary for success. 


As your coach, I will be there to support you in creating the results you desire, while teaching you how to do this on your own, so you’ll have the tools to up-level every area of your life.


 Alignment becomes your automatic way of being. 


Without alignment, you are in a cycle of consistently taking action, but not getting the results you want- this is exhausting!

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Manifest in all areas of your life with ease and velocity.

Coach with Me

Coach with Me 

Subconscious Reprogramming Sessions

Replace your limiting beliefs with ones that support you- super charging your energetic alignment, so you can manifest what you desire. One off sessions. 

Alignment Coaching

Specialized deep dive, one on one coaching. Have focused support in manifesting what ever you uniquely desire, over 6 months.


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