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My Certifications

  • Registered Nurse

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Certified Bulletproof Coach

  • Certified Energetic Self Mastery Coach

  • Certified Rapid Reprogramming Coach

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy Practitioner

  • PSYCH-K® facilitator (master level)

  • Certified Access Consciousness Bars facilitator (hands on and distance energy work)

  • Certified Yoga instructor 

  • Ecstatic Dance facilitator and DJ

About me

For as long as I could remember I had felt stuck in the areas of love/relationships, money and career and my body. Which is basically my whole life, right??! 


I felt insecure and was constantly trying to fix myself so that I could be worthy of love/partnership, anyone I did attract was unavailable for what I truly desired. I would eat to distract myself from feeling fat, caught in a vicious cycle. I judged myself harshly for having debt, stuck working a job I hated because I thought it was the only way I could survive. I was earning 100K a year, living on credit cards, frequently engaging in retail therapy.


No matter how thin I was, how much money I was making or how many dates I was going on I still felt fat and ugly, broke and all alone.


I discovered personal development and obsessively took workshops, signed up for courses, hired coaches and read the books ect. 

I knew I was the creator of my reality, and I judged the shit out of myself for creating what I was experiencing. I understood the concept of alignment but didn’t practically know how to do it for myself, alignment felt mysterious. 


Then I saw the old information, but in a new way that truly made sense for me-

We need to align our ENERGY with what we want to create.


Energy is thoughts, feelings and actions. 


I finally understood I needed to bring awareness to my current thoughts, feelings and actions and energetically clearing out all of that didn't serve me. Next I had to replace them with thoughts, feelings and actions that would lead me to my desired future-  reprogramming my conscious and subconscious mind.

It finally seemed so simple! 

I went about doing this consistently, practicing it every day.


I knew that I had to do this first for myself, so that then I could coach others on doing this too.

Consistency is the key, having someone support you and hold you accountable through the process makes it so much easier. 

I became so clear that this was what I was on the planet to do, this was my soul's gift.


So I went about aligning my life on purpose. 


Now I love my body exactly the way it is, I choose nourishing healthy foods and tune into what my body needs because I want to FEEL good. I'm focused on being HAPPY not on being thin.  

I paid off all of my debt and have way more money in the bank than ever before. 

I am happily engaged to the man of my dreams, and we just bought a house together!

I've more than doubled my nursing income, and get to work incredible clients, doing what fulfills me.


I continue to align my energy with what’s next, and things just keep getting better and better!

My greatest joy is supporting others in doing the same, so that they can fully show up in their lives, and be the contribution that they were here on the planet to be.

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