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I’m not always the most traditional person, so instead of only traditional type testimonials I’m also including some fun and rewarding messages I’ve received from clients.

Client Texts

You helped me up-level my business and create a thriving practice. The work we did together was magical and powerful! I’m eternally grateful for you.

I feel AMAZING. Things have really been lining up and it’s wonderful. I’ve been having really cool dreams that make me think my subconscious is starting to get on board with my consciousness, I’m so happy.

What came from my intuition today was so clear in how it would serve my ideal clients.  Eeek! I’m really excited and it feels like I’m finally thriving in my business. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, love and at times giving me the kick I the butt I need.

When I’m around others and when I’m with myself, I finally don’t feel weighed down in anyway. I am still feeling very lifted from yesterday's session.

Your sessions are magical Kerry. My phone was blowing up during it and we just booked a huge show! Whew! So much has happened in the last couple hours! Collapsed time!!!!! 

That session felt harder for sure but I’m glad we went through it. After today, I’m feeling indecisive about my work situation…but it’s because my current boss and the other department have now started a bidding war for me. 🤯🤯🤯

All I can say is that you’ve definitely helped me. Because while this craziness is happening, I only see this as a blessing and a culmination of my desires. That no matter what happens, I will still get “what I want” and that I’ll be okay. I've never felt like this before.

As I go I’m shedding, what’s left behind is my truth.
I really believe signing up and coaching with you and aligning my energy is bringing all these manifestations in.

My work life and everything is getting so aligned and I just want you to know everything you taught me I’m still using and it’s still working and I watch the YouTube videos to do my “touch ups”.

And I love you. (past client)

It’s amazing that my subconscious/intuition knew what it was before my conscious mind did. I'm not surprised but I’m amazed. You've really shown me alignment is the 🔑!

It’s felt very free since our last session. It’s much easier to drop into my heart and tap into my intuition.


Thank you Kerry thank you!! My life sure feels like magic ✨🌟💫

I just got home from meeting with my family 🤯 so much love and support from them! Your sessions are magic!

I'm feeling like a huge weight was lifted since our session.

Just to let you know, for the last few days I noticed I don’t want to eat junk food. It's like I don’t crave it anymore. My mind tells me it makes me feel bloated so I reduced my intake. 


Life sucked before I started coaching with Kerry. I just broke off my engagement, moved into my own place, was vaping all day and night, and drinking every day. I was so sad, depressed and felt so hopeless.

The coaching has been life changing.

Every session I feel myself getting stronger mentally and spiritually. I feel more aligned in my energy every day. I’ve been learning to truly love myself, inside and out, something I haven’t done for most of my life.

I felt calm, peaceful, loved, accepted, supported, appreciated and magical, during the sessions.

My love life was shit. Now I’ve learned to love myself and that was a huge shift.

My career as a professional musician is taking off.

Other people in my life have even reached out saying my good energy is working and I truly believe it. I am so happy where I am in life now. And when something doesn’t go quite like I want it to, my allowance and surrender makes the situation a thousands times better. It’s really freaking cool.

I also quit vaping which is something I never thought I would be able to do. 

If you are considering working with Kerry, I’d say DO IT! Sign up now. Don’t hesitate.

Whatever is going on in your life, Kerry will guide you to the place you want to be.

This experience has been life changing for me.

I’m so glad I did it.

Kerry is truly a magical life coach.

Before I started coaching with Kerry I was stuck.

I wanted to build my life coaching business more than anything and knew what I needed to do but couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t doing it.

The coaching sessions are safe space for me to show up as I am. Kerry was able to shift the session to whatever I needed at the moment, help me identify and clear out what was in the way.

At the end of each session there was a resolution, a feeling of empowerment, and a knowing of what I needed to do and she held me with gentle accountability. During the session I felt like I was breathing in fresh air. Being able to release and let go of old patterns and fears felt so powerful and freeing. I could feel the things holding me back leaving my body and an aligned conscious and unconscious mind for the first time.

My need to feel safe shifted to an experience of freedom (undoing subconscious programming from childhood).

I also shifted the way I see my physical self. I used to look at my acne first and the rest of my face after or not at all. Now I look myself in the eyes and say I love you before anything else.

My night time routine is now a self-love ritual.

I don’t see things to fix anymore, but to love.

I was able to see I wanted to improve my relationship with my partner. I was finally able to let him in on the spiritual transformation I was having and I’ve never felt more connected or close to him.

Kerry was able to connect to my energy to clear old beliefs relating to safety, worthiness and love.

These were ingrained in me and have been holding me back. I have felt a shift and calmness come over my body. I experienced a transitioning from fear to freedom experiencing the high, vibration and joy that comes from up-leveling my consciousness and aligning with the subconscious. I felt free to put myself out there to people I didn’t know, at work and on social media.

I see myself as beautiful for the first time.

I increased intimacy and closeness with my partner by letting him into my spiritual journey. I cleared out old beliefs and subconscious programming of safety, worthiness and love.

If you're thinking of working with Kerry, I say Do it! If you know you’re getting in your own way, you need Kerry. She can help remove what’s blocking you and help you achieve your dreams.

Kerry is a magical and powerful human.

Coaching with her has been life-changing and I am so grateful.

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