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Avoid gaining weight this holiday season

Have you always struggled with over eating during the holidays?

Do you promise yourself every year that this year will be different?

This year you will have self-control around all the super yummy delights?

When we try to use self control, and end up over indulging anyway, it just strengthens a habit that we don’t want.

It has us lose trust in ourselves.

And we end up in the cycle of just saying screw it- and going into a full binge- swearing to start the diet over again tomorrow/on Monday.

This leaves us in guilt and shame, and we don’t even enjoy the food.

With my approach we create a new paradigm with food, and you get to experience being PRESENT with your family, and really enjoy all aspects of the Holiday- INCLUDING the delicious home cooked food.

It’s OK to celebrate and enjoy special treats on those special days, with those special people.

Imagine going to bed feeling comfortable in your body and at peace with your choices.

How would you like to have a sense of freedom around food, totally peaceful and in control of your choices?

Come to my free pop-up coaching series to support you in having your best holiday season yet!

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