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Checking in with future self.

A question that I find incredibly helpful and that I share with a lot of my clients is “what will be good to have done?”. So often what feels like it will be good to do, in the moment, is not actually what will bring you the most pleasure and joy over time. A great place to try this out is next time you’re choosing what to eat for meal. Ask yourself what will be good to have eaten. Every time you choose to do something that will be good to have done, you strengthen the neural pathway that uses that. Once you’ve chosen in this way enough times, it will become your new automatic way of being. This perspective shift can create a lot! Try it out and let me know how it goes. PS: Here are some photos what I’ve been eating lately. 4 cups of vegetables every lunch and dinner, no processed sugar, no preservatives, no flour. 100% delicious!! That’s veggie soup in the jar, and a mango, banana & coconut milk popsicle that I made.

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