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Choosing to Believe Big!

August is my highest income month this year so far.

Which is also more than what I was making at my highest pay rate, as a travel nurse with extra COVID pay!!

The month that I got married.

The month I had way less time for my business due to focusing on planning.

The month that I took 2 full weeks off from clients, and marketing or anything else business related.

So I spent LESS hours working, and instead focused my energy on aligning my THOUGHTS.

I DECIDED that I would sign a new client while I was away.

I had no idea HOW.

It’s not our job to know how.

And it felt impossible- but I chose to believe it anyway.

I focused on reasons why it WAS possible!

When we set BIG goals, it doesn’t usually feel comfortable, or likely- but I just chose to experiment and believe it anyway.

So even when I got back from our trip, and I hadn’t signed a client, I didn’t stress, or make that mean anything.

And then the next day, a new client signed up, and then a week later another one did.

4 new clients in 5 weeks.


I’m choosing to believe big, because WHY NOT!

The key is not to make it mean anything about you if you don’t quite reach the goal- you get to evaluate, learn, improve- and KEEP GOING!

If you’re ready to align in this kind of reality, ready to receive abundantly for being you, and enjoy the heck out of your life while doing it, simply respond to this email- we can set up a time to talk.

I have a 2 coaching spots opening up in September.

And they are going to fill fast.

(Voice note support starts right away.)

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