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Create a Life That Is Beautiful!

Updated: May 18, 2022

Last week I had the absolute honor of being interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, by one of my favorite people. It's called "Create a Life That Is Beautiful" with Leticia Ringe. I met Leticia through my friend and business coach Lauren Ciesco and we spent 3 weeks together in beautiful Sayulita Mexico back in July 2021. It was SO inspiring getting to spend time with, and actually BE FRIENDS with these amazing women, businesses owners and coaches that I looked up to. As someone who is consistently focused on alignment, I knew these amazing friendships were a sign that I too would be experiencing a thriving business! As soon as Leticia started talking about her program, the Holistic Business Mistress Mind, I knew it was the exact program that I had been asking for to support me in taking my coaching practice to the next level- and it WAS! You can hear more of the story in the podcast here: Or here through Youtube: Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did! Also a reminder, my subconscious reprogramming workshop is this Thursday, get all the details here : Let's play!

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