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Embodying the Work of Alignment

Things are continuing to expand exponentially over here, as I continue to focus aligning my energy with the life I desire.

I welcomed 4 new wonderful clients last month.

I’ve replaced my nursing income, doing what I love, knowing that I’m truly contributing to people.

My clients are consistently getting mind blowing results! So rewarding!

I have my dream schedule: workday starts at 11:30am, I have three day weekends every week, and I’ve scheduled one week a month, without client calls, to focus on business development.

I’m going to yoga 4 days a week.

Things are continuing to expand and deepen with Bryan.

I’m cultivating beautiful friendships and community here in NJ.

I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last six months, and I’m experiencing so much energy and focus.

I love working from our beautiful home, that we continue to keep adjusting and improving to fit us. I specially having my own home office and getting to start my days with journaling and doing PSYCH-K balances on my front porch.

I share this with you, because if it’s possible for me it’s possible for anyone!

Anyone can do this is through really embodying the work of alignment.

This is what I support my clients in doing so that they can create their own unique dream life.

Life‘s too short not to!

My pricing is currently 6K for six months, and will be going up to 10K for six months soon.

Reply to this email, and I will share the next step to get you started.

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