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Freedom from trauma

Over the last two days every client that’s come to me has had a specific event from their past causing trauma and their present reality. I’m feeling deeply called to offer specific trauma release sessions. These are for you if you have a specific traumatic event, that you feel you haven’t fully moved on from. Maybe you have already done a lot of work around it, and even feel that we should’ve over come this by now, but you still see its impact in your day to day. Or for you it’s that certain situations, or circumstances trigger it. Or maybe you’re not even sure how it’s impacting you, but there’s something traumatic happened, and your life is not flowing in the way that you desire. In our session, through a combination of rapid resolution therapy, subconscious reprogramming and energy work you’re able to come to a place where you can look back at the specific event, know that it happened, but I feel completely neutral about it. Which will allow you to move on, and create from a blank slate. Create a new beginning. FYI you do not have to relive the traumatic event during the session, or share any of the details with me. I am able to offer these sessions at a huge discount, to the first three people that sign up. Only $88. Simply use this link to book your session: I love you, and I look forward to supporting you in this very special way. Much love, Kerry Auret PS maybe this email doesn’t speak to you, but you know it’s somebody in your life that can benefit, please feel free to forward it to them.

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