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How to stop a bad habit in its tracks!

When you notice that you’re about to engage in a self sabotaging behavior - slow down and bring awareness to your thoughts. You’ll probably notice that you’re using a lot of thoughts to have you feel entitled to take the action- even though you KNOW it’s going to produce a result you don’t want.

An easy example is when you’re about to binge or give into a food craving.

Your thoughts are probably along the lines of:

“I deserve this”

“I’ll just have a little bit”,

“I can start being better tomorrow”

“This isn’t that bad for me”

They often sound kind and loving. The problem is that they are creating a result that you don’t want.

Here is what you can do instead-

Become aware of these thoughts and allow yourself to feel the discomfort of wanting the food, and not having it.

Actually notice the sensations in your body.

(In reality, this discomfort does not last very long.)

The discomfort is created by the drive of the subconscious for survival.

Food is closely connected with our desire to survive.

So, even though we know with our conscious mind that if we don’t have that snack/second helping/treat, we’re going to be fine - the subconscious thinks that will

DIE without it.

This is why supporting the nervous system at these times can make dealing with that discomfort so much easier.

My favorite way to support the nervous system is Faster EFT

(emotional freedom technique).

Watch the video to learn how to do this:

If you do Faster EFT every time you have a craving, you create a new habit that will give you the results you DO desire!

Other ways to calm the nervous system are to go for an easy walk, pet an animal, or take some slow, steady breaths.

Here is the process step by step

1. When the desire comes up noticed the thoughts

2. Allow the desire

3. Support the nervous system: Use faster EFT/deep breaths

4. Move on with your day

You can use faster EFT when you’re having a craving, OR anytime you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated.

***Please note: I’m not saying that you should never eat food just for pleasure, I actually think that’s an important part of life.

My intention is to empower you with tools so you can change habits that you longer want to engage in. I find truly enjoying treats intentionally, instead of habitually, has been really fulfilling and way more fun.***

Stay tuned!!!

I’m going to be sending out information this week about my in-depth eight month program where we systematically reprogram your entire subconscious so that you automatically support yourself with your habits and behaviors.

I’ve been a busy bee getting this incredible, life changing course ready for YOU.

It’s going to be ready just in time to start the new year out powerfully and intentionally.

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