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I have a gift for you 🎁

I’m in the middle of a two-week trip to California

It’s been so incredible to see my family, celebrate my engagement, go wedding dress shopping with my mom and my best friends and enjoy everything that California has to offer. I really am living my dream life!

Do you have a dream you’re ready to bring to fruition? Are you ready to break out of old cycles and patterns and finally be living the life you’ve wanted to do for so long?

Maybe it’s leaving your soul sucking job to pursue a career that’s in alignment with your passion?

Maybe it’s falling in love with the perfect partner for you?

Maybe it’s getting out of your own way, and making those choices that you know are best for your body- exercise, meditate, eat healthy and loose those extra pounds you gained during COVID??

Maybe it’s to truly love yourself, unconditionally.

When you apply my 4 step Alignment Formula - all of these things become possible

I know because these are all things I’ve done in my own life.

I know how it feels to be stuck in these areas, and I know EXACTLY how to move through and to the other side, so you can experience the FREEDOM, ease, joy and expansion that you desire.

I’ve left a 15 year nursing career, replaced that income and then some, and am doing work that I LOVE and that fulfills me.

I make my own schedule and have 3 day weekends every week.

I’m engaged to the most incredible, handsome man, getting married in 10 weeks (after being single for 4 years)!

I’ve lost 22lbs and counting, and have more energy and focus than ever.

I love myself, no matter what, with every breath.

I want YOU to experience this level of freedom and joy too!

So I’m giving away free alignment coaching sessions, to support you in uncovering what your current alignment is, and get clear as to what you need to align in in order create the reality you truly desire.

This is the work that LIGHTS me up, and I want to share it with you, no strings attached, no obligation.

Sign up for a session using this link:

(This is available to those that have never experienced a session with me- for those that have, feel free to share this link with a loved one who would benefit from a session.)

I look forward to connecting with you and expanding your reality together soon!

Kerry Auret, The Alignment Expert

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