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My Story of Aligning With Love

This my dears, is the week that I get to get married to my favorite person.

I’m actually writing this from Newark airport.

I was mostly single for about nine years before I met Bryan.

I was completely not expecting to meet somebody, let alone someone I’d end up marrying.

I was traveling in Mexico, having finally manifested that digital nomad life I had dreamed of for so long.

I got a call from a dear friend with an invitation to cat sit for a friend of his in New Jersey for two months.

I had plans to go to Burningman, and kind of had my heart set on going back and spending some time in California, but something inside me told me to go to Princeton.

And my friends I was in Mexico with asked me why I was choosing New Jersey of all places, when I could’ve stayed in Mexico longer and then going to Burningman, the only thing I could say it was at my intuition was guiding me, it felt like a full body yes.

I had committed to following my intuition, and focusing on alignment. So I had to listen, even though it made no sense.

3 days into cat sitting I felt open to going on some dates and meeting some local people.

I was very unattached and open.

Date number one was with the man I’ll be marrying on 8/8, exactly one year from the day we met.

My entire life transformed as a result of his love.

I will be taking the next week and a half off, so you’ll be hearing from me once I am a Mrs.

Thank you for reading our story, thank you for being here- I’m just so grateful for each of you!

All my love,


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