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Sweet Mary J.

Updated: May 18, 2022

Seeing today is 420 I wanted to share a little bit about the medicine known as sweet Mary J. I recently coached a client on her relationship with weed. She came to the session thinking that she needed support and trusting herself, but quite quickly realized that really she trusts herself in all areas, except for with weed. Many times she had decided to take a break, or that she wouldn’t smoke so often, imposing restrictions on herself that she did not follow. Due to this she created mistrust with herself when it came to this substance. During the session she was able to see that the reason she wasn’t giving it up, is because it really serves her, she enjoyed it- a lot! It doesn’t stand in the way of anything in her life, she uses it in moderation, and it actually only adds to her life. We did a few PSYCH-K® balances, and she was able to go from judging herself and judging the weed, to actually seeing it as a contribution to her. Of course this might not be the case for everybody, people use different substances for different reasons. It is important to bring awareness as to why you use a substance. What really helps with this is mindfulness. My client's action step was to do a small ritual and set an intention before toking. This is such a classic example of there not being any right or wrong way to do things. And points to the very common practice of judging ourselves based on social norms and conclusions. We give labels to ourselves or things because of what mainstream society thinks- but really each situation and person is unique. Other labels include: single mom, immigrant, blue collar worker, weed smoker, single…. Think of all the conclusions we have when we give ourselves or others these labels! It’s so common to put things into categories of good or bad or right or wrong- but things are NOT black or white. If you’re going to choose something, fully choose it, make sure you’re happy about the reasons that you’re choosing it, and let go of any guilt and shame. At the same time if you’re using a substance to distract yourself from your life, I highly recommend creating a life that you actually don’t need to distract yourself from, instead of using the substance. If you’re overusing the substance, and it’s having a negative impact on your life you want to deeply look at your relationship with the substance. The key is to bring a deep awareness to the situation. Having a professional to support you in this process can be very helpful, I highly recommend it. If you’d like to explore your relationship with a substance, and have your subconscious mind on board with how your conscious mind sees things, so that you can once and for all let go of the shame and self judgment, use this link to sign up for a combined coaching and

PSYCH-K® session: (cost is $325 for a 90 min session) This is what people are saying after these sessions with me: “Everything feels different now, I’m finally able to truly love myself unconditionally.” “I’ve been feeling so light since our session, I’m able to see how everything that’s happening is a blessing.” “I’ve been feeling like a huge weight has lifted, I feel closer to my partner than ever.” “I’ve noticed over the last few days I don’t have the desire to eat junk food anymore.” Here’s my masterclass so you can learn more about PSYCH-K®: Happy 420, or Happy Wednesday, which ever resonates with you! Much love, Kerry Auret

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