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Sweet medicine 🍭

I’m getting married in 9 days.

We will be taking 10 days off work, and spending them in California.

That means that I’m doing a lot more coaching sessions and admin for my business this week, and the week that I come back.

Yesterday I found myself feeling pretty exhausted, and being upset at myself for not getting out a newsletter this week yet.

Also having some scarcity thoughts come up about the fact that the next time that I have available to teach another workshop is in about a month.

Even though I coach on the importance of resting, self care and giving grace to yourself,and believe it very deeply, I still get stuck in all patterns from time to time.

I received some wonderful coaching yesterday that reminded me of this, and it all feels very different today.

I’m choosing to move through what scheduled on my calendar with a sense of peace.

I’m choosing to ask for support.

I’m choosing to cancel a couple things that I can.

I’m choosing to nourish myself with lots of water and healthy food, and I even moved slower and more child’s pose than usual in Yoga today.

Maybe you needed this reminder?

Maybe this is a sign for you to slow down?

I’ve done some subconscious reprogramming, and these are some of my new beliefs:

I can make money, grow my business, and serve my clients better when I’ve taken good care of myself first.

Resting is productive.

Self-care is foundational, and a priority.

I hope this was helpful dear ones.

I’m allowing myself over the next two weeks to share when I feel inspired to, and when it really feels good.

So you might see me a little less in your inbox or on social media the next 2 weeks- just know that I love you, and I’ll be back.

Thank you for being here.

Ps here’s the link to the playlist with all of the align your life workshops, they were SO MUCH FUN, and really helpful to those that attended.

I highly recommend them!

I’d love to know any takeaways you get:

And here’s the link to the next workshop.

The topic is “have more fun dating”

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