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This made all the difference 🤗

It's almost a brand new year!

Are you finding yourself setting the same New Year’s resolution year after year?

Maybe you can relate to me?

As long as I can, remember, my resolution has been to get healthy, and to lose weight.

Finally in 2022 I actually did this!!!

I’m starting out the year 20 pounds lighter than I was this time last year.

I’ve been consistent with my yoga practice, and I have a really wonderful relationship with food and my body.

All the other years I put in a lot of effort, energy, time, and money to try and achieve my goals~ which made it EXTRA frustrating to feel like my results were only ever short lived.

I always ended up back where I started, or even heavier!

Maybe you’ve tried some of the following:

Expensive medical programs that included appetite suppressants, meal plans, and counseling.

Three day water fasts, intermittent fasting, no carbs, cutting out certain foods, or restricting calories (often leading to binging).

The keto diet.

Paleo diet.

Biohacking with supplements and gadgets.

Changing your mindset with affirmations.

Hypnosis, books, weight loss podcasts and workshops.

Invested thousands of dollars in coaching programs. (I’ve personally had three different one on one coaches specifically for weight loss.)

HCG shots.

I’ve tried all of those… and more.

Some of them helped …. but they didn’t get me where I wanted to be.

Then EVERYTHING shifted -

I learned about the power of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND…. and more importantly, how to reprogram it.

This and understanding the bodies’ biochemistry and what our body needs to function optimally to release fat, was the winning combination finally had me BEHAVING differently, automatically.

I began to consistently make choices that were in alignment with releasing the weight, and living healthy lifestyle.

When we take action without reprogramming the subconscious it’s an uphill battle.

We will eventually run out of will power and become exhausted, frustrated and give up.

So I became obsessed and learned and applied EVERYTHING I could to learning how to change habits, beliefs systems, patterns and behaviors on a SUBCONSCIOUS level.

Over the last 10 years my intention has always been to learn the best tools, to apply to myself, so that I could then use what works the best and supporting my clients.

I’ve taken everything that I have learned and created a highly in-depth, efficient, supportive, and holistic program.

If you want to 2023 to be your healthiest year yet, we need to talk!

Sign up using this link for a consultation so we can see if my program is alignment for you!

Much love,

Kerry Auret

PS I pulled a card for anyone that reads this email, this was it.

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