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We are all responsible for our own reality.

We are back in New Jersey after a really beautiful time in California.

It’s a very interesting thing to get back to the normal day to day, after being focused so intently and for so long on the most special day of my life.

I’ve noticed low energy, and some general dissatisfaction, to the point that I was really complaining to my husband this morning.

And then he reminded me of something that I recently said to him:

“We are all responsible for our own reality.”

We get to choose how we think about our circumstances, and that directly affects our experience of them.

This can be a very confronting awareness-

and it can also be very empowering.

I’m choosing for it to be empowering!

So I’m bringing awareness to the stories that I repeat, the things that I complain about, and choosing to focus on what makes me feel good instead.

This doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time.

Sometimes it’s in your best and highest good to be angry, frustrated, tired… sometimes those energies are needed to motivate us, or teach us something.

So, I’m choosing to rest, give myself Grace for where I’m at - but not adding any additional drama or complaints that don’t serve me.

Part of this is pushing back my next free workshop, from the 24th, to the 31st.

It’s about having fun on dates!

Would love to see you there, please invite your friends!

And everybody loves a good wedding photo, so here’s a couple for you!

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