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Why you’re not getting results.

Hello darlings,

If I am in your inbox, chances are you know a lot about the law of attraction, alignment and mindset.

You might even be at the point where you “think positively” because you’ve trained yourself to do so.

The reason you still don’t have the results you want, even though the mindset is well trained, is because the subconscious mindset is not in alignment with the conscious mindset.

How can you tell if this is going on? Because the subconscious is deep, it’s running in the background and you’re usually not aware of it.

You can tell by looking at your results.

Your subconscious and your conscious mindset are not an alignment if:

You are going around repeating the mantra “I am abundant” yet struggling paycheck to paycheck.

Or repeating the mantra “I love my body” but are still carrying extra pounds you’ve been wanting to lose for a long time.

Or your mantra is “I am a full package lady/man and anybody would be lucky to date me” and yet you’ve been single way longer than you ever wanted to be.

I get it.

This was me for a long time.

If this is you, sign up for a consultation with me here:

Law of attraction and mindset is definitely part of the puzzle, the part that’s often left out is that you have to actually completely trust know and believe on a subconscious level that you are worthy of what you desire.

Learning this has changed my entire life, and the lives of my clients.

That’s why I’m so focused on it.

I’m like a broken record, and I don’t even care.

Because this information is too good not to share my friends.

All my love,

Kerry Auret

Ps: I go into this in detail in the workshop I delivered last week, you can check out the replay here:

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