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Workshop Replay!

Here is the REPLAY of “Overcoming Self Sabotage”:

I felt so expanded and aligned after teaching this workshop!

I know how important this information is, and it feels so good to share it.

This was the best workshop I’ve taught yet! I feel proud of it.

The information just flowed through me.

AND… The day after the workshop when I was reflecting on how everything unfolded (I always do an evaluation after workshops to look at what went well and what didn’t)- I got the awareness of how some of my own self sabotage is showing up.

When you watch the replay at the end, you’ll see me offering a $55 session.

This really isn’t in alignment.

My sessions and the transformations that they create are worth so much more.

And only so much can get created from one session, the true magic happens when you’re in a six-month container with me.

I had been thinking small and was in the energy of scarcity when I made that offer.

It’s very vulnerable for me to share this with you, because I’m supposed to have this all figured out!

I’m the Alignment Queen!

But I am not perfect, and I believe that authenticity is very valuable.

So, I’m no longer offering the $55 session (I am honoring it for the person that did sign up for it).

Instead, I am inviting anybody that feels called to a free consultation.

During the consultation we will go through the five-step process that I outlined in the workshop.

I have a super-power of being able to uncover the root cause of a self-sabotaging habit or behavior, and re-programming it so that you can create the result that you desire.

This is for people that are interested in streamlining manifestation.

Having the accountability, consistent support from someone with my expertise and committing energetically to creating your results IS what will have you manifesting much more efficiently.

So please watch the replay, share it with your friends, and sign up for a consultation if you’re ready to prioritize yourself, and this is calling your soul.

Here’s the link to the consultation:

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