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Are you done with restrictive diets, and ready to experience peace with food?

This is for you if:

You’ve struggled with your weight and body image for a really long time.  

You’re sick of feeling uncomfortable and insecure in your own skin. 

You weigh yourself too often, and go into a tail spin anytime the number goes up.



Hello, I’'m Kerry Auret,

I help women ready to say goodbye to their lifelong battle with weight and body image to finally experience peace with food and gain the self confidence to live a fully expressed life!


Why it's time to ditch the diet, and choose to focus on loving yourself instead:

Diet culture has you focused on the wrong thing, ignoring the root cause of your over eating.


Following the latest weight loss trend is like blowing every paycheck on retail therapy to de-stress from the job you hate, instead of finding a new job.


That’s what makes this program different!


We do talk about food– but on a whole new level! 


The biochemistry of different foods and how they interact with your body is an important and mostly overlooked topic. When you eat based on your biochemistry it supports your metabolism so it can release excess fat efficiently. 


Then we go into your subconscious belief systems…because THAT’S the REAL key to success. 


The number one reason people fail to lose weight is that they neglect to make changes in their subconscious mind to support their conscious goals.  

If your subconscious is not on-board with consistently taking actions that promote a healthy weight you’re going to slip back into old habits and end up worse off than when you started.


But changing your subconscious habits isn’t easy without help, is it?

And you're going to keep going down a path that leads you to feeling even more out of control around food, and even more excess weight unless you make some major changes!


And that’s where this revolutionary program comes in.

This program has 5 modules

Streamlined, simple lessons that will help you create a lasting change!

1. Harness the power of your biology on a whole new level.

The common belief that the body “stores fat to use later for energy” is false. Biochemistry has shown that the body stores excess fat when it’s out of balance due to malnutrition. People that are overweight are often malnourished, despite overeating. The right foods, in the right combination are what support your metabolism in synthesizing what your body needs to keep itself healthy- including eliminating excess fat.

By the end of the module you will:

  • Know what foods to eat and avoid so you support your bodies functioning optimally. 

  • Understand how your metabolism works so you can support it, and increase your energy.

  •  Be aware of how to balance your diet to promote mental clarity so you can make choices with a clear mind.

 2. Destress your life

Acute and chronic stress is directly correlated to over eating. Training our bodies on a daily basis to achieve states of relaxation leads to enhanced mood, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, a reduction of stress and balanced weight.

By the end of the module you will:

  • Learn a variety of practices to support you in living a low stress life. 

  • Know what to do before meals so you eat the right amount of food for your body, feeling satisfied after every meal. 

  • Have a plan when a craving or desire to binge comes up, so you can soothe yourself and find comfort in different ways. 


3. Maintain a self-supportive mindset

Our brains process about 70,000 thoughts a day – mostly without our conscious knowledge.  These thoughts drive our emotions and actions.  Actions create our reality. 

It’s important to be intentional about changing the WAY we think so we can change HOW we feel, and our actions.  When we do, we transform our experience!

By the end of the module you will:

  • Release habitual negative stories you repeat so you stop getting in your own way!

  • Create and maintain internal motivation, making it easy to achieve your goals.

  • Create a belief system that has you experiencing self-love and confidence.

By using your conscious mind to habitually focus on supportive beliefs you rewire your brain's neural pathways. and create new habits that result in you losing weight, and keeping it off!

4. Reprogram your Subconscious habits
to create a new reality

Our subconscious is wired for survival and efficiency. It’s responsible for all of our automatic behaviors, habits and patterns - 95% of the actions we take. It’s so important to have your subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious desires. 

By the end of the module you will:

  • Changed your programming and automatic responses so you naturally make healthy choices

  • Identified trigger situations that result in overeating, and neutralize them so you feel grounded and in control.

  • Created intentional habits, so that you’re no longer dependent on self control.  


5. Achieve Lasting Results

When you take on a new lifestyle you’re excited and focus on learning and integrating. You gain momentum and around 3 months it starts to be easy. When you feel like you have things under control is actually when you’re likely to stray and slip back into old habits. It's devastating when familiar self sabotaging thoughts creep in, and the next thing you know you’re at the bottom of a bag of chips, frustrated and confused as to why this is happening again. 


The game-changer is when you’re fully supported as you hit this point. 


This is when we uncover the deep, underlying cause of your weight struggle together. 

I will be by your side to walk you through, along with your Food Zen community.  


THIS is what makes this program REALLY different.

In this 8 month container you’re supported as you learn a whole new way of living, as well as when you meet that burn out and resistance. 


Here lies the key to freedom!

By the end of the module you will:

  • Deeply understand your conscious and subconscious mind to have a whole new awareness about how to form new automatic habits, so you experience peace with food and your body. 

  • Experience life with a new identity, so that you know how to handle anything that comes your way.  

  • Be supported in creating lasting results, so you never have to struggle again.  


"The biggest shift is with trusting myself with food. There is this unshakable knowing that I trust myself to make the right decision with food. It doesn't feel like a battle anymore, just freedom and trust."


Program Details

You get 8 months access to my Members-only platform. 

This is where the program's modules, and zoom session recordings are stored.

3 x “Get Unstuck Fast” private sessions with Kerry:  


You may book these anytime you feel the need for extra support to uncover blind spots or deep subconscious blocks. 

3 group coaching sessions/month:  

Get support to move you through what’s keeping you stuck, know what action steps to take, and be held accountable for taking them. Be supported in a community of like minded women.

Home assignments

Journal prompts and exercises to support you in taking what you learn and use it in your life. You are held accountable for these at every coaching session.

(15-30 min time commitment 5 days a week).  

What other areas of your life are being effected by your weight struggle? Who else in your life is being impacted? There's no time to waste- start living your vibrant life NOW!

My Story


The first time my mom allowed herself to enjoy food was when she was pregnant with me. After I was born she was constantly on a mission to lose weight. My subconscious programming started there.


It led to me constantly feeling self conscious about my body, developing a shameful yo-yo pattern with my weight. Every time I lost I was praised and accepted. Every time I gained I felt mortified. I vividly remember being told I couldn’t have a cupcake like the “other” kids because I didn’t “need” it. I felt humiliated and rejected.


This was the beginning of my subconscious programming, desperate to find a solution I discovered personal development.


In 2013 I certified as a Holistic Health Coach and things started to come together.


By my 40th birthday I was happily engaged, living my dream of working as a life coach. Life was good, except I found myself 30lbs overweight, once again.


I needed to understand WHY I felt out of control with my eating. I became aware of the pivotal role our subconscious plays in the (impulsive) actions we take, including over-eating!

I trained in subconscious reprogramming, applying what I learned daily.  Next I was introduced to the role of biochemistry in weight loss.


The puzzle pieces had come together!  This new perspective had me seeing the whole picture.


I finally had everything I needed. 


I released the extra weight, and most importantly I learned to deeply love and accept my body, unconditionally.


This is the deep foundation of my evolutionary program and now I’m ready to share this with You!


Interested in finding out more?

Diets DON’T work!


The longer you wait, the harder it will be to make the changes you need to FINALLY release those last

15-30lbs, for good!

Click the link for a consultation:


Currently offering a special rate for founding members at 50% off the full price of the program: $8K (so you only pay $4k)- available to the first 8 people to sign up! 

I'd love to stay in touch.

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