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Free coaching session!

What a fantastic experience it was teaching four workshops over the last four weeks.

Here is the recording from the money and abundance workshop from last week:

One of the people at the workshops left me an amazing message letting me know that she had her biggest income day ever after the workshop!

I would love to receive your testimonials from the workshop.

It can be as easy as a sentence or two.

Please reply to this email and share something that you got from the workshop, a result that you created, a new awareness you got and/or how you applied it to your life.

Each person that sends in a testimonial will be put into a raffle to win one free coaching session with me, that includes subconscious re-programming.

In the month of August I’ll be teaching two workshops on aligning love, details to come!

Sending you all so much love,

thank you for being here.

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