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May the fourth be with you!

I’m not actually a big fan of the Star Wars movies.

But I really love and respect what they’ve done as a brand.

For a movie that originally came out in 1977, to still be so relevant today, 44 years later, is an incredible anomaly!

Here’s where the alignment part comes in…

Even though I don’t particularly enjoy the Star Wars movies, I’ve chosen a thought that has me still enjoying Star Wars.

I’ve chosen to respect it, and even be delighted by it!

Imagine if I had chosen the thought: “These movies aren’t that great, what is everybody on about?”

I would be having a very different experience every time I saw some Baby Yoda, or Darth Vader swag. And that shit is everywhere.

By choosing to focus on what delights you about a situation, you bring more delight into YOUR life.

A key ingredient in this is authenticity.

If I had tried to take the thought, “I’m not really into these movies” and shift it to “these are my favorite movies!”, my subconscious would know that I was faking it.

That creates LESS of what you want, because you will have the awareness that you’re just lying to yourself. And that doesn’t feel good.

You can’t fool your subconscious.

When you choose an authentic thought, that has you feeling great, that becomes your point of attraction.

Here’s to feeling great, more of the time!

Much love,


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