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“Money Honey”

I got really vulnerable and shared some really personal new realizations I’ve been having as a result of teaching these workshops at the beginning of last week's workshop. Each week I’m really embodying whatever the topic is and have been learning so much, and then passing it on in these really incredible gatherings on zoom. This is a very special topic, because through the experience of teaching these weekly workshops it became very clear that this is the next focus for my coaching. I am a love and dating coach! If you’re wanting to call a romantic partner into your life, up-level the love in your life, or celebrate the love you have so it can keep expanding you want to watch this replay!! And if you are committed to creating the partnership you truly desire, and know you’re ready for the support and accountability that you get with having your very own coach, set up a consultation with me today: And this Wednesday we are delving into the topic of MONEY and Abundance! So be sure to join us for that! Here’s the link to the Facebook event:

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