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Surrender creates unconditional peace.

In my newsletter a few weeks ago I talked about how fast things manifest when you’re in alignment, when I shared about being proposed to in 7 months of knowing my partner. You can see the newsletter for March 31st, 2022. (Here’s the link to all my past newsletters: Well, just one week after that proposal we got an offer accepted on a house! There are 12 people that viewed the house on the same way we did, the first date was available to view. There were multiple offers, all above the list price. We decided to put in an offer. Over the weekend I did a lot of subconscious reprogramming, mindset work, and coaching myself. I came to a place of full surrender. Complete un-attachment, while still holding the desire for this to be our new home. Our realtor was shocked to get the news that our offer was the one that was accepted, the first offer we ever put in, in a market that’s incredibly volatile. She had warned us that some people put in 30 offers before getting theirs’ accepted. I knew that this was our house, from the moment I first saw the listing. I held that in my heart, and was also completely unattached, knowing that whatever happened was in alignment with the best possible outcome for us. The trust and surrender part is so important. If you plant a seed, you water it and make sure that it’s getting enough sun, a very key ingredient to ensure it grows, is time. Imagine if every few hours you were digging up the seed to check on it, wondering why it’s not growing. With that special ingredient time, and surrender, the seed will grow. This element of surrender is foundational. This key element is part of my coaching every one of my clients. Supporting my clients in knowing when to surrender, and how to actually do it is an integral part of my coaching. When we are fully surrendered, no matter what is happening at work, in our relationships, with our bodies it creates unconditional peace. From this place of peace, our point of attraction is peace, we ARE peace- and so we create, generate and attract more peace into our realities, and what we truly desire manifests with ease. We cannot create what we truly desire from a place of dissatisfaction or resistance. Surrender and allowance have been foundational in my romantic relationship. Bryan and I moved into our new house over the weekend, exactly 9 months to the day since we met. Are you ready to align in what you desire, so you can have it manifest faster than you could’ve imagined? Sign up for a free coaching call and to find out more about the possibility of working with me: Only 2 spots left! Even if you’re just curious, I encourage you to sign up, every one of these calls creates beautiful and expansive shifts!

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