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Wishing things were different is wasted energy.

This week's alignment newsletter is being written while I hurdle through space and time- flying from New Jersey to Los Angeles.

Moving to New Jersey has been such an opportunity for me to use my tools of alignment and surrender.

Huge resistance to living in New Jersey has come up a few times.

I fell in love with a Jersey boy.

But I wasn’t in love with New Jersey.

I realized it was time to implement my own Alignment Formula. I chose to intentionally align my thoughts, feelings and actions with what made me feel grateful for what New Jersey does have to offer me.

My partner has a job here, with good work life balance, doing work he finds rewarding.

The nature is abundant and accessible.

Europe is so much closer to New Jersey than California, making travel there so much more available.

We can afford to buy a house in New Jersey.

I have more space and time, with less distractions here than in Los Angeles to focus on growing my coaching business.

I milked these thoughts for everything they had.

They are authentic thoughts that have me feeling BETTER about living in New Jersey.

As I think them, I notice more things I appreciate about living where I do.

I stopped complaining about not having any friends… and then started meeting new people and making connections …

I was reminded that any time you spend on wishing things were different is WASTED time.

Might as well do what you can to change the things you can, and appreciate the shit out of what you have

Bryan and I have a dream to have homes in California and in New Jersey, until then I’m very grateful to call New Jersey home.

What in your life have you been fighting against, but isn’t changing?

Are you committed to changing it?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the same old thought loop and habits and patterns that are getting you nowhere? Stuck in fear, resistance or doubt?

I know how it feels- I was stuck wanting so much but not manifesting my desires, now I know the exact steps to take to create anything.

Do you want me to show you how to align in living the life you truly desire?

Sign up for a free coaching session, my gift to you, I’d love to support you through it and to the other side.

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